Tranquility Adventist School (TAS)



Our Philosophy

TAS' Preschool Program focuses on teaching the whole child.  As such, we provide activities that help the child develop mentally, physically, and spiritually.  We believe that children cannot feel good about others or fully develop their potential until they feel good about themselves.  As experience is a marvelous teacher, we believe that a child has to become involved to learn.  She or he has to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.  Becoming involved almost always means a lot of noise and activity.  A clean, quiet child may not be a learning child.  We believe that children need fun, success, and love as much as they need food, shelter, and clothing.  We laugh with the children every day, affirming them for things they have done and showing them in tangible ways that we love them, appreciate them, and care for them.

Working together, we can make school a great experience for your child.

Your child will be learning to:

  • Work alone and with others 

  • Share and take turns

  • Explore and expand abilities and interests

  • Listen to others

  • Express creativity

There will be activities designed to:

  • Build self-confidence

  • Develop vocabulary

  • Show differences in sound, size, shape and color

  • Increase interest in books, people, numbers

  • Improve coordination and much more


September     School rules / Manners / The Pond
October Fire Safety / The Farm /   Occupations
November Thanksgiving / Weather
December The birth of Jesus
January Winter animals / Around the world
February Black History / The Rain forest
March Community Helpers / My world
April Kites / Springtime / My body
May Changes in nature / Flowers / Birds / The ocean