Tranquility Adventist School (TAS)

Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy
Uniforms must be worn every school day. Uniform shirts can be purchased from Land's End (School Code: 900096611).  Please note the following additional guidelines for the school uniform include:
  • Uniform pants must be “Dockers” style.  Pants, shorts, or skirts can be purchased at any retail location.  Uniform pants should be well fitted;  no oversized, baggy, cargo style or skin tight pants are permitted.  Capri style are permitted.  Pants should be neat; free of holes, tears, rips, and excessive stains.  Hems of the pants must not touch the floor but should touch the top of the shoe.  
  • Shorts, skorts, and skirts must reach the top of the knee.  If pants, skirts, or shorts have belt loops, a belt is required.  The waistband of the pants, skirts and skorts should be at the natural waistline, no low rider pants are acceptable.
  • Knee length shorts are permitted only during the first and fourth marking periods of the school year.  
  • Shoes for both boys and girls may be dress, casual, or tennis shoes.  No open toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or clogs will be permitted.
  • Hair must be clean and neatly groomed, and should be a natural color. For boys, hair cannot touch the top of their shirt collar.
  • Jewelry of any kind shall not be worn.  
  • Only clear nail polish may be worn.  Make-up, if worn, should be done in a natural and tasteful manner.  No tattoos allowed.
  • Visible shirts worn under uniform shirts may not be camouflage, any noticeable lettering or artwork.

Girls' Attire

  • Blouses (short, ¾ or full length sleeves), turtlenecks or polo-style shirts –white, navy, cobalt blue, light blue, ice pink, red, purple/lavender, and burgundy
  • Skirt, pants, shorts, skorts-navy, khaki, light blue, or black
  • Cardigan sweater or vest
  • Socks-white, navy, khaki, or black
  • Belt-brown, black, khaki, or navy
  • No camouflage jackets, tights, etc...

Boys' Attire

  • Dress shirt, turtleneck or polo-style shirt—white, navy, cobalt blue, light blue, ice pink, red, and burgundy
  • Pants or shorts-navy, khaki, light blue, or black
  • Cardigan sweater or vest
  • Socks-white, navy, khaki, or black
  • Belt-brown, black, khaki, or navy
  • No camouflage jackets etc...

Field Trip Uniform

Each student will be required to purchase a TAS t-shirt that will be worn on field trip days.  There may be field trip activities that will require the student to wear their regular school uniform.  Parents will be notified in advance.

Dress Days

Certain days each year, including programs at the church, choir performances, educational rally days, the Christmas program, will be declared as dress days.  On these occasions, the following dress code will be in effect:
  • Girl’s Attire:  black skirt and white blouse (black and white dresses are acceptable)
  • Boy’s Attire: black dress slacks, white shirts, and black ties
For both girls and boys, dress shoes will be required.  Parents will be notified in advance.

School Functions Off Campus and Evening Functions

Students are expected to represent Tranquility Adventist School in their manner of dress while attending off campus school functions such as field trips, church programs, or any other functions that are sponsored by Tranquility Adventist School.